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May 2015: Thanks for all your emails still asking about the Encyclopedia Of Popular Music.

As previously stated, the Encyclopedia was closed down by and sold off to another company.

An out of court settlement was concluded with MUZE on June 11th 2009.

And we have now well and truly moved on.

No more questions about EPM or Muze please! Arggghhhhh!!!

I am presently occupied with a website project: Best Things On Earth.

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You can also find my All-Time Top 1000 Albums on BTOE, alive and well, now re-named Best Album On Earth, soon to be renamed MUSOPEDIA.  You can vote in the normal way or make your own lists. There are thousands of music lists built by myself, our team of Editors and you out there.

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The late John Martyn said ‘half the lies he tells you are not true’.


Colin Larkin the MUSOPEDIA: Creator of the Encyclopedia Of Popular Music